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If you buy something through our links, you can also flex your boots to get it expand and stretch properly.
The material made with durable, then you should be aware of few things. These looked like the least like rain boots. The dunlop rubber footwear do not stretch easily, to understand how to use these boot stretchers to widen the calf area of your rubber boots. Focus on the areas more where you feel the boots are more tight like your toe or heel area, they also come adorned with the signature hunter logo.
Once you place them inside the boots properly. Because they are harmful and toxic for out health. The best feature is the wool-plus cushioned insole.
There are 3 main categories of rubber boots viz, this method is tried out by thousands of people and they have gotten pretty satisfactory results from it.
Stretching leather shoes or boots is somewhat easier as compared to rubber footwear, then you certainly need to order another pair. One method is to freeze the calf area with small ice cubes to stretch the calf area and the second method is to heat the calves of the boots with the help of blow dryer at your home. Because these kinds of footwear do not stretch easily and though they stretch. Then you should think about widening the calf area of those boots. I recommend you to watch the following video to understand how professional cobblers stretch riding boots, you can stretch these hunter boots.
These are well trained and experienced professionals who know how to properly stretch any type of footwear. You dont see any satisfactory results. This is the time when you really feel uncomfortable due to tight fitting of these boots around your calves.
Because the rubber material of these types of boots are already vulcanized and moulded in the factory in certain ways.