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Fighter and rescuer device «Zorki»



 The forest peat fires became the real disaster in Russia in the summer of 2010. The main difficulties in handling such fires are smoke, that extends for tens of square kilometers, bringing visibility almost to naught, fire that is spread below ground and it is not always clear where exactly the fire source is should extinguish, soil caving in, casualties and the equipment break downs.

Specific characteristics of thermal imager allow to efficiently handle such fires and save human lives.

Regular thermal imager can be of little efficiency though. Together with experts in the field of firefighting, we have formulated key objectives in order to create specialized thermal imager which stands out from other products, available on the market, with the following features:

  1. Short range of operation.
  2. Large image screen enabling looking through a dirty helmet, a gas mask.
  3. Increased durability, resistance to temperature, humidity, dirt.
  4. Ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Ease of use and handling.
  6. Ergonomic adaptation for fire fighter gear.
  7. Minimum production cost.

Sustainable and flexible implementation of all objectives allowed us to substantially improve characteristics of such thermal imager and to create device that became the real useful tool, while keeping the price low. “Zorki” prototypes have already been highly appraised by professionals in field tests.