Photoelectronic Devices LLC


Photoelectronic devices LLC is a young company operating on the confluence of several areas: instrument engineering, optics, thermal imaging, electronics and data processing.

Our company was founded by team of engineers, manufacturing technicians  and programmers with great experience in design and manufacturing of thermal imaging devices in the various companies. At one point we came to a conclusion that there is an opportunity for a more efficient development for accumulated experience.

Our fundamental idea is as follows: creation of various devices giving new abilities to a person in solving important problems, by means of applying new technologies and materials. This idea is a strategic formula for creating value for our clients and is a source of economic growth for the company.

We interpret the idea literally: as opposed to the standard approach that there is a certain, very good thermal imager (or other device) which can be used in many ways, we consider that each task requires the specific tool, and thus, this tool can and has to be highly optimized for this task.

The thermal imager – extremely complex device, therefore, on the first hand, the multi-purpose instrument is inevitably expensive and heavy, energy-consuming, and it will be good only for looking through it. Thus the user has to pay for all options.

Optimization will allow to improve performance quality – that is the main thing, and, at the same time, to reduce the price of final product, by simply getting rid of unnecessary elements. Functional properties, necessary for the firefighter, are almost never required for thermal audit, and can be a problem for the task of surveillance, for example.

Certainly, at present, some models of thermal imagers optimized for specific tasks are available on the market, but in our opinion, a variety and specialization are not sufficient – the range has to be much wider.

Following this idea, we manufactured our first pilot projects and prototypes. They showed good performance and we managed to find partners who helped us to develop manufacturing facility and to purchase equipment.

Besides, we make active use of the information technologies for purposes of establishing contacts allover the world in order to achieve design and technology optimization and create supply chain.

At present, we developed about ten innovative products, and some of them are now at the stage of launch. Their introduction to the market is planned for 4th quarter of this year.

Besides, we are looking forward to cooperate with every entity having a need for development or manufacturing of thermal imaging devices, units or other products. We have all the resources to develop it for you, while you retain all the rights for design documentation, and subsequently manufacture it with the guaranteed dates and minimum production cost. Perhaps we already have the product you seek available.

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