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Thermal imaging helps in solving a set of specific problems which allowed this technology to achieve extensive use in various industries. Thermal imaging devices secured wide use in industries related to construction, heat system operations, thermal audit. Concealed defects and damages, components and elements with anomalous temperature (due to overheating or uneven cooling) can be detected using thermal field non-uniformity . Thermal imaging devices allow to collect information with non invasive contactless method, which simplifies measurement process greatly; such devices are irreplaceable for monitoring remote, inaccessible or hazardous objects. Another extremely useful feature of thermal imaging is its ability to see through the smoke – something human eye is not capable of.

In recent years the range of thermal imaging application has expanded dramatically. One of the reasons is the development of software and specific applications for data and image processing. Today, thermal imagers are successfully used in industrial processes, energetics, construction, medicine, housing and public utilities, navigation, security systems and other industries.

Expansion of range of thermal imaging systems applications has taken place due to improvement of technical parameters and performance, as well as reduction in the cost of such equipment, which increased their availability for a wider range of users.

“Photoelectronic devices” is focusing on production of thermal imaging equipment for purposes of diagnostics, navigation and other applications, that can be classified as:

 Thermal audit on construction sites of industrial facilities and networks: heat leak detection, hot spots detection, identification of problems at early stages.
 Thermal audit of private homes and buildings.
 Heat loss control for small businesses – retail outlets, warehouses, etc..
 Equipment for fire and rescue services for the purpose of detecting fires, facilitating search for people under heavy smoke conditions and poor visibility.
 Provision of medical and public services (rail-stations, airports) with express-diagnostics devices.
 Road safety: prevention of injuries, pedestrian accidents – for personal, public and industrial transport and special vehicles.

We are ready to develop a device, tailored to serving your specific needs, and manufacture it for you.

Other variants of thermal applications

  • Diagnostic thermal imagers

Thermal imagers — are powerful diagnostic tool as temperature changes in different objects are often preceding the occurence of fault since the change of temperature of object is before, as a rule, the fault occurrence in various types of the equipment. Besides, thermal imagers are the extremely important tool for inspection of buildings and structures. They allow to quickly identify and spot problem areas which cannot be detected by a bare eye. They can also be used for control purposes for objects that just undergone repairs of for insurance purposes.

  • Construction thermal imagers

Construction thermal imagers are used for diagnostics, elimination of heat losses in residential and industrial constructions. Sensitivity of a thermal imager can reach hundredths of a degree that allows you to see not only the heat trace on the surface, but also get a picture of what is going on underneath the surface. Ability to look inside the objects without touching or damaging them is a unique advantage of thermal imagers over other devices. Any deviation from the normal temperature can indicate a concealed problem. This is especially critical in the power industry.

  • Scientific thermal imagers

Frequently, when doing research, extra accurate measurements are required. Scientific imagers are used to determine temperature distribution and changes in real time, allowing engineers to see and accurately measure thermal field, dissipation, leakages, and other temperature aspects of equipment, products and processes.

  • Thermal imager for detecting gas leakages

Thermal imager for gas leakages can indicate existence and location of gas leakage without interrupting working process. Portable thermal imager greatly improves the safety of worker by detecting gas at a safe distance, and helps to protect the environment by detecting leakages of environmentally harmful gases.

  • Marine thermal imagers

Can help avoid naval collisions in heavy fog and poor visibility conditions. Marine infrared cameras also allow quick detection of a man overboard, unlike other night vision technologies. Thermal imaging camera detects smaller temperature changes, converts them into infrared video image and transports it to the monitor in real time.